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Daily Nut Consumption

How many nuts should I eat?

When it comes to nuts there is no question that they are a healthy snack. They are full of healthy fats, low glycemic, and have a large array of minerals. Combine that with the power of pre-soaking and you have a superfood that goes a long way. But how many nuts should we be consuming daily? 


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Comparison: How Do Your Healthy Snacks Compare?

Comparison: How Do Your Healthy Snacks Compare?

An honest look at some every day healthy snacks we may come across in the grocery store, but are they worth the cost? See what's in them and what you're getting. You might just be surprised!


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Quick Breakfast Shake

Quick Breakfast Shake!

Why spend money on expensive shakes, when you can make even healthier and tastier ones at home for less?

You can also sneak in your sprouted nuts and seeds for the day! 

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Quick Reference Guide - Nut Nutrition

Nut Nutrition - Quick Reference Guide

Use this guide to see which nuts might be best for you! Remember, many of the minerals in the nuts won't actually be absorbed unless they are pre-soaked or sprouted first! You won't see the calorie content due to that fact that testing techniques and our unique metabolisms make calories a trivial factor in the pursuit of health! 

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My Top 10 Daily Foods

Which foods should we be eating on a daily basis for maximum health? Here's what I try to stick with as much as possible. Keep in mind, your amounts will vary based on your Metabolic Type so listen to your body!

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Sprouted Cashews?

Over the years I’ve had many requests from my customers for sprouted, organic cashews. Nate, I love cashews. When are you going to offer sprouted cashews!? Well, I’ve heard you loud and clear and I think it’s overdue that I share a little on the topic.

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Sprouted Almonds

The growing popularity of soaking and sprouting has led many health-conscious consumers looking for Sprouted Almonds.  While soaking and sprouting nuts certainly has numerous benefits, such as easier digestion, more bioavailable nutrients, and better taste, it's still important for consumers to be aware of the KIND of sprouted nut they are purchasing in order to make the best use of their money.  Almonds are no exception.


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