Vintage Market Days of Tulsa

Vintage Market Days® is an upscale open air market featuring vintage and vintage inspired collections for all ages. Over 100 of the best Vintage vendors with over 200 booths gather with their unique items. Vintage Market Days® is a weekend of shopping, food & music in a charming atmosphere. VMD will be"popping-up" in different locations throughout the state of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas.

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Green Grocer Dallas, Local Yocal, and Urban Acres Farmstead

With the holidays coming up we tend to get wrapped up in making sure we have time off for family, buying gifts, and making delicious meals.  With that said, the holidays can be hard for your local grocery stores and local food providers.  It's easy to eat out or just grab everything you need for cooking at the local grocery chain.  That's why I want to do a little acknowledgement for some local grocers that carry Nate's Raw Harvest.

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Grocery Guide: Implementing Organic Foods – Part I

When most people think of organic foods they think of one thing: it’s expensive.  I’ll never be able to eat well because I cannot afford it.  Why’s it so expensive anyways?  What’s so great about it?  Are the health benefits really worth the cost?  What even makes it organic?  Does everything I need to buy need to be organic? Because You Are What You Eat, it is extremely important to understand these questions and how to begin implementing organic foods into our diets. 

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Love One’s Self (Part 2)

Part 2 of Scott’s “Love One’s Self”

Today, let’s continue to discuss this concept of loving one’s self. Eating authentically is a way of loving one’s self as we discussed in part 1. But what are some other ways?

Paul Chek, one of my mentors, often says, “Loving one’s self is learning to say NO.” This is profound for many people!

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