McKinney Farmer's Market and Ice Cream Crank-Off

Nate will be selling all of his organic, sprouted products.  Nuts, seeds, WOW! Bites, and nut butters.  Come for free samples and discounts!

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Green Grocer Dallas, Local Yocal, and Urban Acres Farmstead

With the holidays coming up we tend to get wrapped up in making sure we have time off for family, buying gifts, and making delicious meals.  With that said, the holidays can be hard for your local grocery stores and local food providers.  It's easy to eat out or just grab everything you need for cooking at the local grocery chain.  That's why I want to do a little acknowledgement for some local grocers that carry Nate's Raw Harvest.

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Quality of Food

Today’s post will continue from my previous post, Philosphy on Fitness, and go more in depth on Quality of food.  Most people are not aware that all food is not created equal and this misunderstanding is one of the primary reasons many people do not reach their health and fitness goals.

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