Daily Nut Consumption

How many nuts should I eat?

When it comes to nuts there is no question that they are a healthy snack. They are full of healthy fats, low glycemic, and have a large array of minerals. Combine that with the power of pre-soaking and you have a superfood that goes a long way. But how many nuts should we be consuming daily? 


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Sprouted Almonds

The growing popularity of soaking and sprouting has led many health-conscious consumers looking for Sprouted Almonds.  While soaking and sprouting nuts certainly has numerous benefits, such as easier digestion, more bioavailable nutrients, and better taste, it's still important for consumers to be aware of the KIND of sprouted nut they are purchasing in order to make the best use of their money.  Almonds are no exception.


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Sprouted Nuts

Soaked, pre-soaked, or sprouted nuts are terms used when properly preparing nuts to activate their enzymes and get the most life and nutrition you can out of them.
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