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I'd like to say that, with all the steps we take to better our mind, body and soul, we don't mess with social media, but that'd be a lie. 

In truth, much of our business relies on it in order to communicate with customers and share information. It is incredibly helpful in keeping our little business chugging along and we are super grateful for it, but...

We spend too much time on it. 

Some days, its the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing we see at night. Its not always easy to realize how absorbed we let ourselves get or how much it influences our mood, but it does, and a detox is ESSENTIAL. 

One month. If this seems difficult, then perhaps ease into it with a week on and a week off, but for us, a month (short of only business related posts) is VERY manageable. It gives us a chance to reboot and refocus on the here and now. 

Our children appreciate the lack of distraction on our end and my already ever-running mind, appreciates the break, too. After all, I don't need to worry about what my friends ate for lunch, who's boss was an ass today, or who cut off the silver Ford on the tollway.

I need to be present. I need to listen to my child tell me about his imaginary villain and about the same story he's told me a thousand times before. I need to embrace my day to day and be grateful that I'm living this life. I need to eat my meals without looking down at a little screen.  

I need to talk to my husband. About us, about life and about things that make us happy. 

So one month. 

Try it. See how much better life may get.

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