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When it comes to nuts and seeds most people are unaware that eating them completely raw is not the best way to consume them from a health and nutrition standpoint.  Pre-soaking or sprouting nuts is needed.  This is because all nuts and seeds contain phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.  While phytic acid is naturally occuring and part of the nut it is actually not digestable by humans.  In fact, when phytic acid is consumed it begins to bind with calcium, iron, magnesium, and other minerals.  Because the body cannot digest phytic acid it simply flushes it out right along with all of the minerals that were bound to it.  The enzyme inhibitors are just as problematic.  Enzymes are protein catalysts that help us breakdown and assimilate the nutrients in our food.  The enzyme inhibitors in nuts and seeds keep with their namesake and inhibit our digestive enzymes and thus our ability to properly digest and assimilate our food.  Have you ever had that bitter, filmy aftertaste from eating nuts?  Perhaps you experienced a heaviness in the gut.  That's the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors at work.

In order to bypass these anti-nutrients it is important to soak nuts and seeds before eating them.  Water is needed to neutralize phytic acid while sea salt is needed to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors.  The amount of time for soaking is dependent on the nut, but usually takes 6-24 hours.  At Nate's Raw Harvest we take particular care to soak our organic nuts and seeds for the proper amount of time.  Other competitors soak for much shorter times, around 4 hours, which is not enough time to fully neutralize the phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors.  That's why it's important for us to give you the quality you expect.

Once the nuts and seeds have been soaked they then begin the sprouting process.  The nut will take its stored energy and convert it into more bioavailable proteins, minerals, fats, and enzymes to support the growing sprout.  This is the height of its nutritional density and active, live enzymes and the perfect time to eat.  At Nate's Raw Harvest we take special care to then dehydrate the nuts at low temperatures so that no enzymes or nutrition are destroyed.  What's left is the cleanest, crispest 100% raw nuts that you have ever eaten with the most nutrition you'll ever find.  We dare you to find any that are better than ours!

It's also important to note that most nuts will not produce a sprout once they have been soaked because they have been shelled.  Some nuts and seeds will sprout, but we do not let them soak long enough to actually produce a sprout as this will reduce the shelf-life, but the nutritional benefits are still there.   We call these products Sprouted, such as our Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds and Sprouted Almonds.

All of our sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds, aside from the Texas Pecans, are 100% organic, raw,  and non-GMO.  Enjoy!

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