Our Dragons Love Tacos

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It's a Saturday evening and after a long work week and a hot morning working our farmer's markets, we've earned some time to relax with our littles and connect at the dinner table. Family meals are one of those things we take as an opportunity to ground ourselves from all the day to day commotion. It means putting down the cell phone and talking with our kids about the things THEY want to talk about. Our conversations vary from talks about their day, to laughing about old memories, to simply playing music while we eat and discussing our favorite, funny, songs. 

Since there is a pretty large age gap between our oldest and our two youngest, there is often the struggle of finding a happy middle ground on what to talk about, discuss, or listen to and when we find that we can't agree on anything, we turn to impromptu story-time.

This Saturday, we could tell, was going to be one of those Saturdays. Everyone was tired from their long day and conversation wasn't likely going to be something we were all going to agree on, so we did a story-themed dinner.


It's pretty much fool proof. I can't name a single child who isn't absolutely IN LOVE with a good taco, especially ours!  So tonight, we set a "build-your-own" taco spread at the table, brought out their favorite book and had a great time reading, laughing and creating whatever taco combinations their little dragon hearts desired (minus the spicy salsa). 

We connected, despite the age gaps and long day, and we honestly couldn't have been any happier.

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