Homeschool Science Fun with Pre-Schoolers

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The heat index today was 110 degrees in Texas.


Summer is kicking our butts and it is only the beginning of our hottest month of the year. After a quick drive to the grocery store left me beet red and soaked to the bone in sweat (attractive, I know), I quickly threw out any and all thoughts of taking my kids to the park or pool and will instead have to find fun, INDOOR ways to beat the heat.

Seeing as we home school, I thought it best to incorporate a little bit of summer fun with some learning, as well. So, today, we'll be trying the...


I have boys, so this is a WIN in their book. It's simple, low-cost and (if you set out a few towels) low-mess. 


1 Dinosaur ( or really any other fun- shaped) cake pan
Spirulina Drops ( or a natural, plant based food coloring)
1/2 C Salt. I prefer a course salt like Celtic Salt.
A few small paint brushes
2 small cups ( for the salt)


Fill your freezer-safe cake pan with water and add a few drops of spirulina or desired coloring to the water until desired effect is reached. 

Place cake-pan into the freezer the night before in order to allow enough time for the water to freeze and set.

After water is frozen, place the cake-pan on a covered surface and hand each child a small cup of salt, dampen their paint brushes and then allow them to sprinkle salt onto the ice and use their paintbrushes to move it around. 

Spend the next half hour or so watching your kids smile, laugh and have a ton of fun watching the ice melt!

School is in session, but no one said it had to be boring!

Until next time!


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