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Let's face it, trying to shove a plate of carrot sticks and broccoli crowns in your child's face isn't the easiest thing to do, and we can only IMAGINE the kind of toxic junk that lives in those seemingly harmless bags of chips and cookies. WE KNOW BETTER!  However, even with a formal education in health, fitness, and nutrition, once I started having my own children, I began to question that knowledge.

When we were children, our parents were a bit limited in the selection of snacks that were provided and honestly, possibly less informed on the health benefits or lackthereof in those choices. Thankfully, today’s grocery stores have a plethora of healthy options! If you’re not into cooking or making your own snacks, or simply don't have the time, there are now many healthy snacks to choose from.

Seven years ago, I wasn’t able to find the snacks I wanted for me or my kids, which is why I started Nate’s Raw Harvest in the first place.  I quickly found out that my first son wasn’t a big fan of nuts at the time (my second loved 'em starting at an early 14 months) so I had to figure out how to make a snack that was sprouted, organic, and gluten free but that kids would eat.  From that need I created my WOW! Bites and it wasn’t long that it became my children’s favorite and my best seller. 

I also noticed that kids tend to gravitate towards my pumpkin seeds, and trail mix.  Basically, if it was sweet, crunchy, and small enough for them to eat they loved it.  So if you’re looking for some healthy, sprouted snacks for the little ones I would recommend my sprouted, organic pumpkin seeds, trail mixes, and WOW! Bites.

The pumpkin seeds are packed full of protein and their small, crunchy size is fun for the kids.  If you or your kids need a little bit more than just seeds then go for the trail mix.  You get all the pumpkin and sunflower seeds, but a nice big crunch from the Spanish almonds and a little natural sweetness from the dried raisins or cranberries.  If satisfying you or your kid’s craving for something sweet is an issue then definitely go for the WOW! Bites.  It’s hard to say no to something that looks like a coconut/almond brownie, but without the flour or chocolate. 

My kids still have plenty of other snacks, especially good ol’ raw celery, carrots, and homemade popcorn, and organic fruit, but it’s nice to have some WOW! Bites or trail mix on hand whenever they want some.  I even made them in snack sizes to make them easy to take on the road or throw in the lunchbox for school.


Let me know what kind of healthy snacks your kids love and leave me any questions you might have!

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