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The growing popularity of soaking and sprouting has led many health-conscious consumers looking for Sprouted Almonds.  While soaking and sprouting nuts certainly has numerous benefits, such as easier digestion, more bioavailable nutrients, and better taste, it's still important for consumers to be aware of the KIND of sprouted nut they are purchasing in order to make the best use of their money.  Almonds are no exception.

The majority of the world's almonds come from California, Spain, Italy, and Uzbekistan.  California almonds are smaller and rounder while almonds from Spain, Italy, and Uzbekistan are larger and flatter.  Uzbekistani almonds tend to taste bitter, while the others are a little sweeter. The most important thing you need to know when purchasing almonds, especially Sprouted Almonds, is that California almonds are PASTEURIZED!  Even the organic ones!  They can legally say they are raw when sold in the stores, but they have been heated to the point that their enzymes are destroyed.  Since soaked and sprouted almonds are supposed to be raw and have activated enzymes how can that be if they are pasteurized?  The answer is they cannot.  If a company is trying to sell you sprouted almonds, organic or not, and they are from California, you might just be wasting your money.  This doesn't mean you shouldn't buy California almonds, but if you are looking for sprouted almonds, European almonds are they only way to go. 

European almonds are NOT PASTEURIZED.  They are truly raw and all the enzymes are intact and alive.  Make sure that if you're buying sprouted almonds that they are European.  At Nate's Raw Harvest we sprout only organic, Spanish almonds just for that reason and because consumers deserve to get what they expect when buying sprouted products!  If you haven't tried our sprouted, organic Spanish almonds you are missing out.  The taste and texture of roasted almonds with all the benfits of soaking and sprouting!


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