Picnic at Home!

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Ugh, Summer. 

While I love being able to grab my kids and get them out into the summer sun, I admit it can be exhausting. Often, a day at the beach starts off with a seemingly endless amount of parent-power and (after the sun has zapped me dry) ends with me spilling into my house at 4:30 PM trying to figure out what the heck I'm feeding my kids for dinner. 

An easy, no-hassle option would be to order in a pizza or take the kids out for dinner, but, after spending years investing in organic, whole foods, it's hard to justify blowing $50 or more on starchy, chemical-laden crap that will likely leave my kids and their tummies in a funk for days afterwards. 

Still, I have little desire to stand in front of the stove for an hour preparing a meal that my pooped-out kids will likely pick at, anyway. It's one of those conundrums that, until recently, left me scratching my head.

I take my kids out to eat, AT. HOME.

Now, I realize how this may sound. No, I don't order anything in or pick up something to bring home, but I do get to feed my kids a healthy, organic meal without having to dirty a dozen pots and pans, and that, for me, is one heck of a win.

So, how do I take my kid's "out to eat" without leaving home?

Well, my littles are particularly fond of picnics, so for me, I simply grab an old movie, set up my living room into an ideal outdoor picnic ( which they LOVE) and then serve a variety of fruit, veggies, cheese, meats, and nut butters. Today we used our Nate's Raw Harvest Sprouted, TX Pecan Butter. A home picnic with a variety of foods allows them the ability to listen to their bodies and eat accordingly and I don't have to feel like I'm trying to constantly make individual meals day in and day out. It's a healthy, little, all you can eat buffet!

No stressing in the kitchen, no messing around in the heat, no feeding them junk and ( if you put out a colorful towel and plenty of napkins) No MESS!

Summer break is almost through, so why not give it a shot and make an evening out of it?

Here's to you having a night off from cooking and cleaning dishes, and HAPPY KIDS. ENJOY!

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